Chicago Coach House

Type:         Residential - Renovation
Location:   Chicago, IL
Size:          500 SF
Status:      Completed 2024
Team:       Studio Becker Xu - Architecture & Interiors
                 Zak Rose - Millwork Fabrication
                 Jackson & Green - Construction

The process of renovation is an act of intentional inclusion, of re-collecting elements past and present into a singular space of belonging.

In this modest adaptation of a small 19th-century Chicago coach house, idiosyncrasy and history are embraced as opportunity.  This design brings together a collection of architectural features, old and new, into a cohesive room of many functions.

Existing elements, like a solid wood stair and glass block windows, were gently refreshed with creativity & care, while other elements, like an outdated kitchen lacking storage and a mechanical soffit dividing the room, were reimagined to maximize functionality.  When integrated with a custom partition for storage & display, the once-unsightly soffit transforms into a purposeful line drawn through space, framing zones for both utility & leisure within this limited urban footprint.

Before & After:

Photos by Brian Griffin (after) & Studio Becker Xu (before)

Publications: Dwell+ (June 2024)

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